Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Installation Guide for Android Car DVD Player GA5177F & GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation

Today, I would like to introduce our hot Android Car DVD Player GA5177F for Jeep, which is widely welcome. Do you know how to install it?

This is the 2012 Jeep Grand, your new car stereo DVD GPS navigation system will know whether this perspective can be installed on. Your car compare their decorative plate between this unit and original.

You have a car Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008--2011? If your answer is yes, you have to upgrade its sound system, then you can patiently read This article will tell you how to install the 2012 Jeep Grand and Mazda 3 Car DVD Players. Installation and BT iPod music. Many guys upgrade car audio as we are changing our phones are rapidly. If you don't have time to do it yourselves, you need to pay for the professional people corresponding fees. But if you can install it by yourself, then you can save a lot, and I think you will be very happy after finish installation successfully. Is it very cool and awesome?

It does not require technical skills, but also the right steps to make it work. Tool, you should gentle, when part of your pry unit and keep them well. Before installation, some precautions: 1. Please check if your car has been included radio and see if everything is normal, then close them and park the car. 2. Disconnect the negative cable before beginning work, which will ensure you more security. 3. You'd better search sufficient to produce enough to prepare your installation this unit, as well as information about the next site can help you a lot.

Bluetooth radio -RDS- TV tuner, CD-DVD player. Preparing, 2012 Jeep Grand Removal and Android Car DVD Player installation: First, use a pry to put out the trim panel, and after it is fastened you can use your hand to pry it. Then use the pry tool to remove the dashboard and disconnect the cables. Second, remove four screws that fixed the radio with a screwdriver. Then you can get out radio easily and disconnect cables at the back of the Car DVD Players. Third, make connection between new radio's cables and car's OEM radio cables. Get down screws that lay on two sides and use a knife to pry lower place of it. Fourth, put cables in the space of the unit, put them to a proper place. Last, install trim panel back to your car, and turn on the new unit, then everything is OK. Perfect.

And do you know that which Mazda 3 Navigation is hottest in Eonon store? Yes, it is the Quad-Core & OS 4.4.4 Android Car DVD Player GA5163F, it is compatible with analog bose system, and also supports mutual control between Car DVD Players & your Android smart phone. If you have this awesome unit, it will make your trip more joyful and wonderful, cheers.

Best Verizon Android phones of 2016

This article will help you pick out that next handset. If you're an existing smartphone owner, picking out an upgrade won't be too much of a challenge. But, for others, particularly first-time buyers, the idea of buying an Android might make them nervous.
Which is the newest phone? What is the best phone? Which is the one that's going to give me exactly what I need? We're here to help you mine through the muck and pull out a few gems.
We've put together a list of the top 5 Android phones you should consider for Verizon this February. Here, in no particular order, are ten Android handsets that you should consider for Verizon if you're currently contemplating a new device. 
Droid Turbo 2
The main selling point of this device is it's the first one to offer a shatterproof display. Not only does it offer durability, it also features some impressive hardware. Running Android 5.1 Lollipop, the Turbo 2 has a 5.4 inch 2560 x 1440 pixel display and a 21 megapixel camera. The 3,760 mAh battery gets you two days of usage but the phone is equipped with fast charging. Customers can also use Moto Maker to design their own unique version of the Turbo 2 – even Star Wars themed ones!
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
The fifth generation of the plus-sized Note series boasts a gorgeous metal and glass design. The S Pen digital stylus is smarter than ever and works without even powering on the display. This model has an increased storage space of 32 and 64 GB and a 3,000 mAh battery which allows for fast charging, wireless charging, and even fast wireless charging. The design itself is unique and of premium quality while having one of the most powerful mobile processors you can get your hands on.
Samsung Galaxy S6
Announced last spring, it's hard to beat the annual Samsung flagship phone. The 5.1 inch Quad AMOLED HD screen is stunning all while offering an overall premium design of glass and metal. The device runs Android 5.0 Lollipop (with an expected 6.0 update), comes with at least 32 GB of storage, and has 3 GB of RAM to boost performance.
LG continues to impress consumers with a steady stream of flagship models demanding our attention. This device offers a rear button layout and this version has one of the best camera experiences ever seen on a smartphone. The specifications are top-notch and the screen is stunning.
Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation)
As a predecessor of the Droid Turbo 2 and the Droid Maxx 2, the second generation Moto X doesn't offer as much customization as the other two devices. It is closer to the stock Android experience than most other phones however it offers some unique touches to the user interface including: twist to open camera, chop to activate flashlight, and other voice actions. The device comes in three colors so you can choose one that best suits you: black, white bamboo, or football leather. 

Top 5 Youtube Music Download Apps for Android

As we know that Youtube is a popular global-sharing website, it allows users to upload, view, rate, share, and comment on videos, including music videos, video clips, TV clips, movie trailers, and other content like short original videos, educational videos and video blogging.

However, Google doesn't allow users to download music or videos from Youtube to  android directly, because they consider that a piracy. Here you need some Youtube music Android download apps. In the following paragraphs, we will show you 5 of the best ones. All of them are free.

Top 1: Videoder 
1. Allow a bulk download
You can download several YouTube music to Android at the same time while browsing.
2. All Resolutions and Formats
You can download any videos as MP3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P, 144P and in 60fps.  
3. Support more websites:
This app supports more music and video websites except Youtube, like,, and etc.
4.Display without ads:
No matter when you download or play the music, the annoying ads won't turn up.a
Top 2: Droid Youtube Downloader
1. Multi-downloads:
This app allows to download several pieces of music at the same time.
2. Downloaded as video or audio:
You will be able to save the downloaded music not only as high quality video but also as audio.
3. No ads:
During the process of using this app, there is no ads to annoy you.

Only supports downloading music from YouTube and DailyMotion for your Android.
Top 3: Youtube MP3 and Video Downloader
1.Download multiple music or videos:
You can download multiple mp3 and videos simultaneously as you like.
2. Saved as MP3 or Videos:
With this Youtube music Android download app, you can search any mp3 music or videos and select to download video or mp3.
3. Diverse music sources:
It allows to download mp3 music for free from all websites with no limitations.

There will be some ads to bother you while browsing pages of this app.
Top 4: TubeMate 
This app can preserve the original quality of the Youtube music at a high speed and it allows multi-downloads simultaneously.
2.Saved as music or videos:
This application can save and play the files downloaded as videos or music to satisfy your certain need.

1.Support one website:
Tubemate only applies to Youtube, so you can download music only from Youtube to Android, not from other video websites.
2.Display ads:
Ads will be displayed after you install the app on your Android.
Top 5: Youtube Song Downloader 
1.Support more websites:
You can download more than Youtube music to your Android as you want.
2.Display on ads:
While you install the app on your Android, you can browse and download without ads.

1. Only audio track:
This app only saves the audio track for Youtube music on your Android.
2.Only download one at a time:
You can only select one of your favorite music and click the share button to download the soundtrack.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Marital Aspects of Marriage

We all havelots of relationship in our life like; relationship between husband and wife, friends, parent, and children, classmates, workmates, and even neighbors. A relationship is easy to make but it is so hard to make that relationship stronger and lasting. If we have trust and love in our heart then it is easy to make a long lasting relationship with other person.
Marital Aspects of Marriage

Marriage is an important and sacred affair in our life. A married person has numerous of responsibilities. He or she must not only be able to look after the welfare of his family, but must have the quality such as industrious, kind, trustworthy, hospitable, and most of all loving. The marriage includes several aspects such as trust, love, commitment, communication, financial stability, and emotional support etc. These aspects of marriage basically refer to those key ingredients or components of marriage which are the expression of feelings, beliefs and perceptions which help to ensure stability in marriage. All marital aspect occurs in different level in love and arranged marriage couples. All marital aspects should be present in positive way in every couple.  Many people says that without communication there is no relationship, without respect there is no love, and without trust there is no reason to continue every relationship.

Different types of Marital Aspects:-

1. Love/Commitment: - Feeling of love come and goes, but a true decision to be committed lasts forever defines as a true is a decision to be committed with another person.  It is a decision to be committed through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad.
2. Sexual Faithfulness: - Sexual faithfulness includes our body parts such as eyes, mind, heart, and soul. When we devote our minds to sexual fantasies about another person, we sacrifice sexual faithfulness to our spouse. When we offer moments of emotional intimacies to another, we sacrifice sexual faithfulness to our spouse.
3. Humility: - Holding an attitude of superiority over your partner will bring about resentment and will prevent your relationship from moving forward. An essential building block of a healthy marriage is the ability to admit that you are not perfect, that you will make mistakes, and that you will need forgiveness.
4. Patience/Forgiveness: - We all know that no one is perfect, patience and forgiveness will always be required in a marriage relationship. Successful marriage partners learn to show unending patience and forgiveness to their partner. If you are holding onto a past hurt from your partner, forgive him or her. It will set your heart and relationship free.
5. Time: - Relationships don't work without time investment. Any successful relationship requires intentional, quality time together. And quality time rarely happens when quantity time is absent. If possible, set aside time each day for your spouse. And a date-night once in awhile wouldn't hurt either.
6. Trust: - Trust becomes the foundation for everything healthy in a marriage. But unlike most of the other essentials on this list, trust takes time. You can become selfless, committed, or patient in a moment, but trust always takes time.Trust is the most important aspect in every relation. The most expensive thing in the world is Trust, it can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose.
7. Communication: - Successful marriage partners discuss hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties. They also communicate kids' schedules, grocery lists, and utility bills. They don't just discuss the changes that are taking place in the kid's life; they also discuss the changes that are taking place in their own hearts and souls.
8. Selflessness: - A selfish person is committed only to himself or herself. Relation have many problems like; finances, lack of commitment, infidelity, or incompatibility, but the root cause for most of these reasons is selfishness. Give your hopes, dreams, and life to your partner, and begin to live life together.
9. Honesty and openness: - If a person is not honest and open feeling, like/dislike, personal problems, past experience, and even daily activities, then trust is undermined.
10. Financial stability: - Financial stability is very important for running a relationship smoothly because if the relationship becomes an economic burden on one person then it is not the right relationship.

The marital aspects of marriage play a very important role in ones married life as they help partners to lead a happy satisfied life with financial and emotional stability. These aspects also help couples to develop a sense of trust, commitment and belongingness etc. which in turn help them in leading a successful married life.