Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Installation Guide for Android Car DVD Player GA5177F & GA5163F Mazda 3 Navigation

Today, I would like to introduce our hot Android Car DVD Player GA5177F for Jeep, which is widely welcome. Do you know how to install it?

This is the 2012 Jeep Grand, your new car stereo DVD GPS navigation system will know whether this perspective can be installed on. Your car compare their decorative plate between this unit and original.

You have a car Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008--2011? If your answer is yes, you have to upgrade its sound system, then you can patiently read This article will tell you how to install the 2012 Jeep Grand and Mazda 3 Car DVD Players. Installation and BT iPod music. Many guys upgrade car audio as we are changing our phones are rapidly. If you don't have time to do it yourselves, you need to pay for the professional people corresponding fees. But if you can install it by yourself, then you can save a lot, and I think you will be very happy after finish installation successfully. Is it very cool and awesome?

It does not require technical skills, but also the right steps to make it work. Tool, you should gentle, when part of your pry unit and keep them well. Before installation, some precautions: 1. Please check if your car has been included radio and see if everything is normal, then close them and park the car. 2. Disconnect the negative cable before beginning work, which will ensure you more security. 3. You'd better search sufficient to produce enough to prepare your installation this unit, as well as information about the next site can help you a lot.

Bluetooth radio -RDS- TV tuner, CD-DVD player. Preparing, 2012 Jeep Grand Removal and Android Car DVD Player installation: First, use a pry to put out the trim panel, and after it is fastened you can use your hand to pry it. Then use the pry tool to remove the dashboard and disconnect the cables. Second, remove four screws that fixed the radio with a screwdriver. Then you can get out radio easily and disconnect cables at the back of the Car DVD Players. Third, make connection between new radio's cables and car's OEM radio cables. Get down screws that lay on two sides and use a knife to pry lower place of it. Fourth, put cables in the space of the unit, put them to a proper place. Last, install trim panel back to your car, and turn on the new unit, then everything is OK. Perfect.

And do you know that which Mazda 3 Navigation is hottest in Eonon store? Yes, it is the Quad-Core & OS 4.4.4 Android Car DVD Player GA5163F, it is compatible with analog bose system, and also supports mutual control between Car DVD Players & your Android smart phone. If you have this awesome unit, it will make your trip more joyful and wonderful, cheers.

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